Forza detailed drawings & specifications

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Forza - Defining Doors
Veneer Guide

Imola Acoustic Performance


Glazed Modules Glazed Modules
Code dBRw Glass FIRE - -  
ISG6.32AS 32 6mm toughened N/F
ISG8.33AS 33 8mm toughened N/F
ISG10.34AS 34 10mm toughened N/F
ISG12.35AS 35 12mm toughened N/F
ISG12.35ASMF 35 12mm toughened N/F
ISG10.838AS 38 10.8 Acoustic N/F
ISG16.841AS 41 16.8 Acoustic N/F
ISG1210.49AD 49 10mm & 12mm toughened N/F
ISG10.8.12.51AD 51 10.8 Acoustic 12mm Toughened N/F
ISG1612.51AD 51 12mm toughened & 16mm GFP FD60/30
ISG16.8.12.854AD 54 16.8 & 12.8 Acoustic N/F
Door Modules Door Modules
Code dBRw Glass FIRE - -  
SG44.34A30GS 34 44mm with VP 30 Min
SG54.35A60GS 35 54mm with VP 60 Min

fis1.jpg GAI_thumb-56px.jpgACS Logos1.jpgribalogo_thumb_56px.jpgForza Doors specification summaries are available through the RIBA Product Selector and NBs Plus