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Forza - Defining Doors

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Forza Doors acknowledges that its purchasing decisions carry environmental implications and recognises its responsibility to procure goods and services in a sustainable manner.

As well as complying with all environmental legislation the company will seek to reduce the impact of its purchasing activities by:

Incorporating whole life costs and impacts of products in purchasing decisions:

1. Encourage the purchase of products created from sustainable, renewable, or recycled resource and those requiring minimal transportation.
2. Promote the purchase of Fair-Trade Product.
3. Encourage the purchase of goods with minimal packaging or packaging made from recycled materials.
4. Promoting the purchase of products that have minimal environmental impact during their use (e.g. durable, energy efficient, reusable, refillable).
5. Encourage the purchase of products that can be recycled or disposed of with minimal environmental damage.
6. Exclude environmentally damaging products where a viable alternative is available.
7. Establish individual policies and guidelines for products that have a significant environmental impact.

Evaluating the environmental performance of suppliers

1. Ensuring that suppliers are made aware of this policy and that they themselves have compatible policies for the managing their environmental impact.
2. Ensuring that sustainable criteria are incorporated in the award contracts and written into all contracts.
3. Evaluating the sustainable claims of suppliers.
4. Working with suppliers to encourage improvements in their environmental performance.

Raising awareness amongst employees

1. Encouraging internal purchasers to review their consumption of goods with a view to purchase less.
2. Provide training for staff with purchasing responsibility on the implications of this policy.
3. This policy statement is available to all interested parties via the company website.

Managing Director
May 2023