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Forza - Defining Doors

Door Vision Panels for the protection against impact from and trapping by doors (FTN2)

Approved Document K giving practical guidance on how to meet the requirements of the Building regulations 2010 incorporates Requirement K6: Protection against impact from and trapping by doors.

K6 (3) states, provision shall be made to ensure a clear view of the space on either side of a swing door (or gate). Requirement K6 does not apply to a) dwellings or b) any door (or gate) which is part of a lift. The requirement of (AD) K6 can be meet if measures are incorporated in the door design to prevent the opening and closing of doors presenting a safety hazard.

(AD) K6 Section10.1 - Safety features:
Doors (& gates) should be constructed in accordance with a) In door leaves and side panels wider than 450mm, include vision panels towards the leading edge of the door to provide as a minimum, the zone or zones of visibility shown in diagram 10.1(FZD0519/1).
FORZA VISION PANELS  V3 , V5 , V8, V9 Comply.

(AD)K6 section 10.2- Hazards on access routes:
If, during normal use, doors (excluding fire escape doors ) swing out by more than 100mm towards an access route, protect them as shown in diagram 10.2 (FZD0520/1).

FTN technical notes represent the interpretation and opinion by Forza Doors Ltd of the various approved documents and British Standards from which extracts have been reviewed. No responsibility or liability is accepted by Forza for any loss/damage relating to any error or omission contained in the technical notes. April 2013

Visibility Requirements of Doors - FZD0519
Hazards on Access Routes - FZD0520

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