Forza detailed drawings & specifications

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Forza - Defining Doors

Maintenance and Cleaning

1.0  Veneered Doors and Panels
Forza Door and Panel face veneers are coated with a (UV) ultra violet lacquer in a filled grain (style) finish.

1.1  Undamaged veneered surfaces can be maintained in a good clean condition simply by wiping at regular intervals with a chamois leather or cotton cloth moistened with warm water. Do not use solid or aerosol wax polishes as over a period of time the integrity of the lacquer coating will be damaged and the surface appearance will alter.

1.2  If you have a scratched or damaged veneered surfaces contact Forza Technical department at email

2.0  High pressure Laminate (HPL) Doors and Panels
High pressure laminate surfaces that meet international standards EN438 and ISO 4586/1, offer assured resistance to impact, scratching and surface wear, colour fade and normal commercial and household stains.

2.1  Cleaning advice

Type of Stain Method of Cleaning
Light staining: dust, etc Wipe with a dry or damp cloth

Normal Stains:

Dirt, soil, oil, fat, finger marks, rust, wax, lime deposits, juice, coffee, tea, blood, etc

Wipe with a cloth dipped in water and mild detergent

Resistant Stains:

Discolouration through long exposure to fruit juice, tea, coffee, etc

Clean with washing powder or bleach.



Lead pencil, ball point pens, felt tip pens, Crayons, wax, shoe polish, lipstick, nicotine

Remove with an organic solvent such as methylated spirits, acetone, benzene, perchloethylene or varnish remover.


Paint, varnishes and adhesives

Remove with water or organic solvent depending on product base


Melamine, urea resin and phenolic resin Remove immediately. Do not allow to harden.

2.2  Polish
Polish should not be applied to the surface, since it can lead to smearing and marking, particularly on horizontal surfaces.

3.0  Door and Panel concealed or exposed Lippings

3.1  Forza Door and panel lippings supplied unlacquered to allow for on site installation and may be left natural or lacquered on site. Natural or lacquered edges may be cleaned by wiping with a chamois leather or cotton cloth moistened with warm water.

4.0  FORZA Primed for Paint Doors, Panels and Skirting

4.1  Forza Door, Panel and skirting Primed surfaces are prepared to accept finish top coat paints to be applied and cleaned in accordance with the paint manufacturer's instructions.

5.0  Forza Door Vision Panels & Glazed Screens

5.1  All Forza vision panel & screen glasses may be cleaned using a suitable glass cleaning agent following the manufacturer's instructions. (Avoid excessive volumes of water in cleaning as damage to surrounding timber may occur)

6.0  Forza Fire Door Seals

6.1  Intumescent and smoke seals should be inspected regularly to ensure damage has not occurred. Damaged seals should be replaced as soon as possible by a competent installer/ contractor.

7.0  Forza Timber Door Frames
Available as a 3 piece design with integral doorstop or 4 piece design with loose stop Forza Timber Frames are supplied as standard with a pre-cat solvent bourne lacquer.

7.1  Lacquered frames may be cleaned by wiping with a chamois leather or cotton cloth moistened with warm water. No polishes or cleaning agents to be used.

8.0  Forza Solid Timber Skirting and Veneered Board Skirting
Available in project specific height and thickness, square or rounded edge detail and    with or without feature groove(s) all Forza Skirting's are supplied as standard with a pre cat solvent bourne lacquer.

8.1  Lacquered skirting's may be cleaned by wiping with a chamois leather or cotton cloth, moistened with warm water. No polishes or cleaning agents to be used.

8.2  Where skirting's are below glazed modules or adjacent to tiled or marble floors care should be taken not to bring the skirting in contact with excessive amounts of water or glass/floor cleaning agents.

8.3  Scratched or damaged surfaces require the attention of a professional polisher, contact Forza technical department at

9.0  End of Life

9.1 All of Forza's wood based products can be either re-used, recycled or recovered as energy at end of life.