Forza detailed drawings & specifications

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Forza - Defining Doors

Site Conditions & Storage

Moisture Content

Timber doors are manufactured with moisture content of 10-12% for internal use and 12-14% for external use. The applicable standard on this subject is BS EB 924: 1996 Timber in joinery. General classification of timber quality.

  • Do not bring joinery to site until moisture readings are between 40 and 60% RH and until after any forced-drying procedure has been completed.

Storage Area

  • The store must be clean, level, suitable for stacking doors and provide sufficient space for doors to be moved around, sorted and re-stacked as installation proceeds. The floor should be suitable to allow the use of pallet-moving equipment.


  • Avoid bruising and damage caused by heavy contact with the ground. Wear clean gloves to avoid leaving finger marks.


  • Do not store leaves standing upright or leaning as this may cause bowing.
  • Stack horizontally on level supports that extend across the full width of the bottom door leaf. Provide support at the centre and at 300mm from each end. If over 2150mm in height, provide a second intermediate support.
  • Cover the supports with cardboard or similar to prevent marking.
  • Stack with the largest door leaf at the bottom with size reducing up the stack. Plain flush door leaves can be stacked to a maximum of around 20 door leaves. When door leaves have projections such as glazing beads or pre-fitted hardware, provide level intermediate between door leaves to allow clearance.


Exposure to light will fade timber.

  • Cover stacks with opaque sheeting to prevent fading and keep doors clean. This is very important for veneered doors.