Forza detailed drawings & specifications

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Forza - Defining Doors

Timber Doorframe Non-Fire

4-part Doorframe - FZD0135, FZD0136, FZD0137

2-part Doorframe

2-part Shadow-gap Doorframe - FZD0141, FZD0142, FZD0143, FZD0141/A, FZD0142/A, FZD0143/A, FZD5060

2-part Rebated Doorframe - FZD0146, FZD0147, FZD0148

3-part Doorframe - FZD0149, FZD0150, FZD0151, FZD0138/1, FZD0139/1, FZD0140/1

3-part Rebated Shadow-gap Doorframe - FZD5066/1

3-part Shadow-gap Doorframe - FZD5061

3-part Split Shadow-gap Doorframe - FZD5063

3-part Split Integtral Architrave Doorframe - FZD5062

3-part Panel Stop Doorframe - FZD5065

5-part Split Doorframe - FZD5064

Double-action Doorframe - FZD0152, FZD0153, FZD0154

Generic Doorframe - FZD5067, FZD5068, FZD5069

2-part SG/DG Doorframe - FZD0144, FZD0145, FZD5070