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ZA News & Information - Article 2



Updated 01/06/2020


The Health & Safety and well-being of our employees, our customers, visiting contractors and supplier drivers is paramount in our considerations and our working practices whilst we operate safely through this crisis.

Forza Doors Ltd has undertaken risk assessments which are updated as and when the Government’s guidance and advice is amended or new risks are perceived or identified. UK Government guidelines will be adhered to.

Forza Doors Ltd has signed and complies with the ‘Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020’ 5 steps to safer working together.

Forza’s supply chain is 100% intact and operating in line with our raw material demands. We do not foresee any raw material issues at this stage. Raw material stocks held at Forza premises are healthy and in line with demand. Additional buffer stocks are in place to further protect our ability to manufacture through the foreseeable Covid-19 crisis.

Forza Doors Ltd Covid-19 initiatives & actions

Below is a list of initiatives and actions taken by Forza Doors Ltd to reduce and minimise the risks of Covid-19 transmission. It is not exhaustive. If you require further clarification on any aspect then please contact us, at the following email address:


Employees of Forza Doors Ltd can contact their own appointed Covid-19  H&S representatives direct. Their names and contact details have been published internally and are also on notice boards throughout our factory and office sites. 


  • Where at all possible and practical employees who are able to work from home have been assisted to do so.
  • As a consequence of assisting work from home the additional space vacated has been utilised to further distance the employees who remain working in the offices.
  • Our External Sales, Project Management and Technician teams are operating from home, utilising on-line mediums for meetings and other communications. Site attendance is possible where appropriate risk assessments have been carried out.

Awareness, Distancing, Communications and Guidance signage:

  • All reasonable steps have been taken to maintain 2.0m distancing and appropriate and practical measures have been taken to manage any risks of transmission.
  • Workstation screening has been put in place to reduce the potential spread via face to face working.
  • Workstations have been reconfigured where practical to either back-to-back or side-to-side positioning.
  • The numbers of seats & tables in canteen spaces is reduced to keep numbers safely restricted and allow distancing between fewer employees.
  • Covid-19 warning and guidance signage is in place throughout the factory and offices and sited in prominent positions.
  • Regular communications reiterating Government guidance and advice are issued and instruction notices put up.


  • Our regular in-house cleansing routines have been increased and focused on touch points throughout the factories and offices.
  • All personnel have immediate access to hand washing facilities.
  • Sanitising stations are placed in prominent high traffic areas especially areas of arrival or departure from our premises.
  • All personnel in our factories and offices have been issued personal hygiene kits which include sanitisers and face masks* if appropriate. This is in addition to their job specific PPE.
  • All delivery drivers have been issued personal hygiene kits and appropriate PPE which includes face masks*. They also carry lorry cab cleaning kits to enable sanitising wipe downs of their cab and other touch points.
  • Visiting supplier delivery drivers have access to our hygiene facilities if required as per the Dft / HSE access to hygiene facilities for drivers instructions.

 *Face masks for the purposes of Covid-19 protection are issued if applicable and advisable under the prevailing Government guidance.

 Visitors / Contractors and Employees returning from absence:

  • Authorised visitors and essential contractors are required to complete and sign a self-declaration form before being allowed on our premises.
  • Employees returning from extended absence are required to complete and sign a self-declaration form before being allowed back on our premises.

By Philip Duckworth at 4 Jun 2020, 14:54 PM