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Forza - Defining Doors

SmartFrames for Fire Door Sets

Fully Compliant, Ready to install, Fire Door Frames with all Fire Seals Applied

Designed for a wide range of projects including commercial, education and refurbishment. Forza SmartFrames is easier to select and specify. Ideal for when site access time is limited, Forza SmartFrames will quicken your install time when compared to traditional frames. Requires fewer safety checks by Site Supervisors. Delivered compliant with third-party accreditation from the back of the door frame to the supporting structure.


Have peace of mind that the hidden parts are taken care of by us and can’t be forgotten on site. Smarter!

Mineral wool and intumescent strips factory applied to the back of the frame. Mitred head to frame legs, available either pre-assembled or as a kit. Hinge positions CNC routered to correct position & depth recess. Frame head and legs pre-drilled / countersunk wall fixing holes.

Sizes from 104mm-125mm.
Maximum gap 7mm between the frame and supporting structure.
Pre-assembled and kit options available




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Support Documents

FAQ's PDF  SmartFrames Flyer PDF 

SmartFrame FD30 Datasheet SmartFrame FD60 Datasheet



SmartFrames - Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   What frame styles can I use with SmartFrame?
Answer:   SmartFrame can be used with style 2 (4 Part frame)
Question:   Do I require architraves?
Answer:   Yes, all SmartFrames require architraves to a minimum size of 15 x 45mm
Question:   What is the fire performance capabilities of SmartFrame?
Answer:   FD30, FD30S, FD60 & FD60s can be achieved with SmartFrame
Question:   Will SmartFrame be delivered pre-assembled?
Answer:   SmartFrame is prepared in our factory to be delivered as a fully pre-assembled frame complete with all sealing and hinge milling. You can specify is you would prefer your frames delivered as a kit. Please note that all double frames will be pre-assembled and disassembled for transport purposes
Question:   What sizes are liners available?
Answer:   104mm x 32mm to 125mm x 32mm
Question:   What is the minimum stop size?
Answer:   The minimum stop size is 15mm x 47mm
Question:   What are the gap tolerances between the back of the SmartFrame and the supporting construction?
Answer:   This is a maximum of 7mm. It is important to finish the structural opening as close to this as possible but not larger, to avoid any snagging of the Insulfrax quilt during installation. A flat knife may be utilized to compress the Insulfrax quilt if needed
Question:   How are the joints between the jambs and the head jointed?
Answer:   These are mitre jointed
Question:   Will SmartFrame provide cold smoke sealing?
Answer:   Yes, SmartFrame uses the ST1009 stop mounted seal for this purpose. It is available in black, white or brown
Question:   Where are the intumescents situated which seal the door leaf to the inside rebate of the frame?
Answer:   These are situated within the door leaf edge
Question:   What thickness of door leaf can I use in SmartFrame?
Answer:   44mm or 54mm leaves can be used
Question:   What timber can be used for SmartFrames?
Answer:   FD30 applications require timber to a minimum density of 450 Kg/m2
FD60 applications require timber to a minimum density of 640 Kg/m3
Question:   Is SmartFrame available in Beech?
Answer:   SmartFrame is available in Beech for FD30 applications only
Question:   What fixings do I need for SmartFrame?
Answer:   SmartFrame is supplied with all fixing holes pre-drilled to suit No. 8 (3.8mm diameter) x 80mm long steel countersunk screws. Please note that the fixings themselves are not included
Question:   What is the difference between a door assembly and a door set?
Answer:    A fire door assembly is where all the components that comprise the installation come from separate entities and are bought together on-site and fitted together, to become a complete assembly. Whereas a fire door set is where all components that comprise the installation come from one single entity including door leaf, frame, and all hardware. With a door set, the items can still be delivered separately, for example, frame first and door later but they must all come from the same entity.