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Forza - Defining Doors

Imola Timber Frame Partition System KeyFAQ's

  1. Overview (click here)

    The Imola Timber/MDF composite frame system incorporates single and double glazed, solid/veneered panel and door modules. Glazed elevations are available with mullion and or transom style design or glass to glass dry joint for the continuous glass wall effect. Three standard design door modules offer the choice of traditional positioned doorstop, flush rebated door & frame and the Imola unique concealed door frame with sequentially matched veneer panel and door. A number of transition posts cater for differing wall starts and drywall conditions including stylish shadow gap features.

  2. Method of Build Guides (click here)

    Method of Build Guides1.JPG
    Method of Build text.JPG

  3. Maximum Glass Sizes per Frame (click here)

    Maximum Glass Sizes per Frame Max HT Assoc W
    FD30/0 GFP12 2900 1000
    FD30/30 GFP20 Mullion Free 2900 1200
    FD60/30 GFP16 2900 1200
    FD60/60 GFP25 Mullion & Mullion Free 2900 1200
  4. Acoustic Availability (click here)

    Rating according to BS EN ISO 717-1: 2013 from tests and measurements conducted in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010. 

    Single Glazed Mullion & Mullion Free 12mm Toughened : Rw (C:Ctr) 35(-2:-3)dB. Double Glazed Mullion & Mullion Free 10 & 12mm : Rw (C:Ctr) 49(-2;-5)dB.

  5. Structural & Mechanical (click here)

    Imola glazed timber frame screen tested in accordance with BS5234-2 (Methods - Annex A/C/E/F) achieved performance levels summarised as grade requirement SEVERE DUTY and is documented in certificate reference FTS.12/01 (Drawing FZD0514/2).

    Forza have carried out CAD FEA (Finite Element Analysis) imposed load simulation tests on a number of standard elevations containing our preferred range of toughened & fire glasses within our timber screens, the results of which (+15% margin adjusted) indicate the screen performance for the imposed load to be within maximum displacement requirements. (Drawing FZD05059/3)

    Glass Impact Performance Class to BS EN 12600: GFP12 2B2. GFP16 2B2. GFP20 1B1. GFP25 1B1. SGT10 1C1. SGT12 1C1.

  6. Environment (click here)

    When specified and ordered accordingly the Imola partition system is available as FSC/PEFC compliant. Imola falls within Glazed Partitions of the RICS Ska rating system as it meets the criteria "are re-locatable and are manufactured in a factory that has achieved and maintains an environmental management system accordance with ISO14001". Ska ID. M09. Rank 5

  7. Finishes (click here)

    All commercially available timber/veneers -clear/tinted u/v lacquer formulated to Forza Standard 20% gloss level applied by CNC profile finishing line.  Also commercially available RAL colours high solid pigmented lacquer "Paint finish" to Forza Standard 20% gloss level. For onsite finishing by others: Pre-cat primer unsanded for onsite denib & coat with either standard water based latex/acrylic or oil based (alkyd) topcoat paint.

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