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Forza - Defining Doors

Forza L20 Specification


Forza Doors Limited, Forza House, 24a/c Star Road Trading Estate, Partridge Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 8RA, UK
Telephone: +44(0)1403 711126, Fax: +44(0)1403 711229, Email:


A (Flush single leaf) Max size FD30 2700mm x 1000mm FD60 2400mm X 920mm
D (Flush single leaf & transomed overpanel). Leaf plus overpanel Max height 1000mm


54mm thick three layer wood particleboard high performance door core conforming to BS EN 312-2 (type p2)
Composition softwood (Spruce, Pine, Larch) with hardwood (Birch, Chestnut) and sawmill residue/recycled wood fibre.
Average bulk density 630kgs/m3 Weight: Nom 34kgs/m2


Concealed near match hardwood lipping to all four edges before applying face finish.

Specie: FD30/FD60 (min Density 640Kg/m3) - Oak, Sapele, Maranti, European Ash, Mahogany, Maple (Beech only for FD30)

Minimum standard finished 8-13mm square with 2mm aris Horizontal and hinge edge. 20-25mm lockside edge.


Wood Veneer

specie.........., ref......., To match approved sample ref......

Veneer cut: Crown cut / Quarter cut / Rift cut / Other

Veneer layon matching: Book match / Random match / Slip match / quarter match / other Veneer grain direction: Vertical / Horizontal / other

Sequential match of veneer feature of adjacent doors, ref..... Floor plan drawing.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

L20 Q-Mark FD60s_v5 Feb20

Laminate to conform to EN 438 & ISO 4586, Laminate manufacturer, ref......., colour

High impact PVC

Manufacturer, ref........., colour


Timber face fixed (pinned) to one or both faces. Max dim. 40mm wide x 20mm deep.


Grooves may be applied to one or both faces. Hardwood insert max dim. 15mm wide x 8mm deep with decorative 4mm deep x 5mm wide groove or 4mm V groove. Max no. of grooves 8 per side spaced minimum 150mm apart.


Wood veneer: Two coats high solid ultraviolet (uv) cured lacquer, clear, 25% gloss / other. Stained........... colour and finished with two coats high solid u/v clear lacquer, 25% gloss. Limed wash and finished with one coat high solid u/v clear lacquer, 25% gloss.
Paint: ............RAL. Colour. High solid pigmented lacquer. 25% gloss.


Solid Timber

Specie: FD30/ FD60 (min Density 640Kg/m3) – Oak, Sapele, Meranti, European Ash, Mahogany or Maple. Beech only for FD30

Profile: integral stop...Dimension 47mm face including 15mm stop. Depth minimum 104mm. Head to leg frame joints: Mitre, Half lapped, Butt, mortice & tennon (combed).


To compliment veneered door(s)

Two coats of high-solid acid–catalyst lacquer, clear/tinted, 20% gloss / other Stained.......colour and finished with two coats high-solid acid-catalysed lacquer. Paint: ............RAL. Colour. High solid pigmented lacquer. 20% gloss.


Factory fitted intumescent to frame, pvc cased intumescent. 2 no. 15 x 4mm to head and legs. 2 no. 10x 4mm to base of leaf either side of the drop seal groove:

Smoke seal / slam gasket ST1009 or NOR710 fitted to stop / frame
Automatic drop seal: Option 1: Sealed Tight Solutions Ltd ST422. Option 2: Norsound NOR810S.


Hinges: Option 1: Royde & Tucker H207. Option 2: Frelan Jedo J9633.
Leaf height up to 2150mm 3 no. hinges. Above 2150mm 4no. hinges. 2700mm 5no. hinges

Lock sets: Option 1: Gretsch-Unitas (GU) Secury – M101313 (36037-69-0-1). Option 2: Winkhaus AV3

Lock keeps: Option 1 GU upper & lower 10000-10-0-0 (handed) Centre IH-10000-09(handed) Option 2: Winkhaus upper & lower F24-908. Centre F24-912w

Cable way protection: Assa Abloy Lead cover EA281

Cylinder: Option 1:Yale key/thumbturn Euro Platinum. 3 Star KM 559658. Option 2: CES key/thumbturn. 3 Star KM679901

Cylinder Protection: Option 1: Zoo escutcheon euro profile. Option 2: Hoppe escutcheon

Handles: Lever handles with a round rose of overall diameter no greater than 55mm and a maximum 10mm depth utilising steel or stainless steel are assessed for FD30/FD60. Brass with a melt point in excess of 800c is suitable for FD30.

Door Closers: Face fixed automatic closing devices equal to the specification of Synergy Hardware S800 that have demonstrated contribution to FD30/FD60 when tested to BS476:part22 :1987 or BS EN 1634-1 are permitted.

Concealed overhead closers Option 1: Synergy ( ref.S1000.) Option 2: Dorma (ref.ITS96)

Option 3: Geze Boxer (2-4) Option 4. Rutland (ref.ITS11204)

Push/Kick plates: Steel, Stainless Steel or Brass (for Brass FD30 only with melt point higher than 800C).

20% of leaf area if mechanically fixed, 30% if bonded with thermally softening adhesive. Plates not to be trapped by stops.

Door Viewer: Fulton & Bray. Steel Body (for Brass FD30 only with melt point higher than 800c) max diameter 15mm. Glass lens only.

Door security chain: Face fix to leaf and frame only.

Letter Plate: Royde & Tucker LP0354 PERFORMANCE


FD30: 30 minutes & FD60: 60 minutes to BS EN 1634-1; 2014 & BS 476: Part 22:1987

FD30S: 30 minutes & FD60S: 60 minutes to BS EN 1634-1: 2014 & BS 476: Part 22:1987 PLUS cold smoke control to BS 476 Part 31.1.


Fully insulating for 30 & 60 minute duration as assessed to section 6 BS 476: Part 22:1987

Enhanced Security Requirements for Doorsets

Classification D: tested and complying with performance criteria as required in PAS24:2016 Annex A & B.

Mechanical Strength & Operation

(Medium duty: external doorsets to dwellings providing primary access. Office doorsets providing access to areas not visited by members of the public. School classrooms.) tested to BS6375-2:2009 & BS6375-3 :2009.


Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) 32dB.
Rating according to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 from tests and measurements conducted. In accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.


Exposure category 800U to BS 6375 Part 1 :2015.


Fix in accordance with FORZA ZA Installation guide & instructions.


BM Trada Q-Mark Enhanced Security Door scheme to PAS 24:2016 and BS 644:2012 Timber. Certificate No. 050/279.

BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacture scheme. Certificate No. 006/1369
FSC Forestry Stewardship Council Certification code: INT-COC-002502. PEFC Programme Forest Endorsement Certification: INT-PEFC-COC-002502.

February 2020